Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Melt

Our massive piles of snow are retreating and there are buds on all the twiggy things. Despite the fact that the temps stay above freezing even overnight these days, I am still hesitant to break out the shorts and sandals and welcome Spring.

This is Minnesota. Here, it can snow in July and freeze in August. Spring is often more a battle between Winter and Summer than a slow and forward progression from cold to warm. Still, in honor of the changes we've seen in these glorious last two weeks, here is my latest treasury featuring stunning pieces from members of the HandmadeMN team. Enjoy the little bits of color!

Winter's End

row 1: SteampunkVintage, AdornJewelry, cholulajewelry, ALineofHerOwn
row 2: westernartglass, ShaggyBaggy, laurabrownart, athenaslittleowl
row 3: JennyBunny, TCWitchcraftFactory, FennelStudio, fromoutofthecracks
row 4: glorioushats, byrdandbelle, connectedelements, XOHandworks

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