Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A, M, and AZING

My latest treasury features 16 amazing Etsy sellers who go way above and beyond the average listing photo and feature their items in print-worthy portraits. I've been collecting these over the last few weeks, and the selection was wonderfully abundant. These are off-beat, uneven, over-cropped, and downright inspiring. Enjoy!

Row 1: Yokoo, Meetalls, PunchDrunkPrincess, malam
Row 2: supplystar, moop, coughcoughchoke, fadedprairie
Row 3: ecologicalartist, 26olivestreet, lilfishstudios, rimadesigns
Row 4: CaptainCat, billyblue22, piprobins, doodlebirdie


abcgirl said...

what a fantastic, eye-candy set! isn't it amazing how good photography can make me want to buy just about anything? i'm going to have to study those for inspiration....

Ale said...

I come from Etsy, and I like all you´re work. You are so very creative!!

Many hugs from Guatemala!!


P.s. Excuseme for my bad english...jijiji!


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